Telling Time, L'éloge de l'heure

Telling Time, L'éloge de l'heure

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Telling Time, l'éloge de l'heure
Chantal Prod'Hom, Fabienne Xaviere Sturm
5 Continents, 2019

The aim of this exhibition catalog is to establish a dialogue between the historical past of the timepiece, the work of designers who produce watches or clocks, and visual artists who work with the concept of time. The intention was to create coherence and harmony between the past and the present. The catalog is divided into two main sections. The first one is a historical section presenting a look at six centuries of watches, from 1550 to 2015, chosen to show how the display of time has evolved, focusing on unusual formats and highlighting the watchmakers' inventiveness and artistry. The second section is dedicated to designers and visual artists: what shapes, media, and spaces do designers and visual artists turn to when they want to show time, or hide it, play with it, or even stretch it out?

French - 224 Pages - 21.39 cm x 3 cm x 26.85 cm - 1.22 Kg
ISBN: 9788874397204

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