Jewels From Imperial St Petersburg

Jewels From Imperial St Petersburg

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Jewels From Imperial St Petersburg
Ulla Tillander-Godenhielm
Unicorn Publishing Group, 2014

The jewels of imperial Russia are legendary. With their own special allure, they are highly appreciated throughout the world as some of the most exquisite presentations ever created. This book explores a fascinating range of the jewels and objets d'art crafted in St. Petersburg, beginning with the reigns of the Empresses Elizabeth and Catherine the Great and ending in 1917 with that of Nicholas II. We learn not only of the jewels, but also of the people who created them, through captivating personal histories. Ulla Tillander-Goldenhielm adds a touch of royalty herself as the great-granddaughter of St. Petersburg goldsmith Alexander Tillander, a supplier to the Russian imperial court. She brings unparalleled knowledge of the craft of jewelry making to her task, richly describing the development of style and design within the art of the St. Petersburg goldsmith. Lavishly produced, with more than four hundred images, the book showcases these pieces while providing important historical context. Jewelry represented comes mostly from private collections in Finland and Sweden, and each piece has a unique provenance that is relayed through anecdotes, letters, diaries, historical documents, and photographs.

English - 296 Pages - 22.9 cm x 3 cm x 26.9 cm - 1.5 Kg
ISBN: 9781910065150

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