Islam in Europe

Islam in Europe

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Islam in Europe
Diana Luber
Sam Fogg, 2023

This text discusses the blending of Islamic and European visual culture from the 9th to 17th centuries. It explores how Islamic artistic production during the medieval period influenced European visual culture, evidenced through artworks that depict the interaction, influence, and exchange between the two regions. The text also investigates how Islam was perceived in Europe. Starting with medieval objects crafted by Muslim artisans and exported to Europe, the text examines the cultural intersections between Islam and Christendom that were well-established by the 10th century. It highlights the impact of refined goods from Mamluk Egypt, Syria, Central Asia, and Anatolia on European aesthetics from the 14th to 16th centuries, transforming luxury goods in Europe. The text concludes with a focus on significant textiles dating from the 13th to 17th centuries. Featuring sixty artworks for the first time, this volume showcases the integration of Islamic art and craftsmanship into European visual culture. An introductory essay delves into medieval cultural connections, while Michael Franses' essay discusses the significance of a dated Lotto arabesque carpet acquired by the David Collection in Copenhagen in 2022..

English - 53 Pages - 25 x 3 x 30 cm - 1,7 Kg
ISBN: 9781913645588

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