Gemstones: Understanding, Identifying, Buying

Gemstones: Understanding, Identifying, Buying

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Gemstones: Understanding, Identifying, Buying
Keith F.G.A. Wallis
Acc Art Books, 2011

Gemstones helps to answer these questions in simple and easy to understand terms. As well as diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires, over 100 gems are featured, with full descriptions, technical details, and tips on how to check for fakes. The book is illustrated throughout with fabulous color photographs to make identification easier. Technical terms such as refraction and fluorescence are explained and some basic identification tests are introduced. A helpful tour around the world details where gems are best available. Informative appendices include a glossary of terms, tables of specific gravity and refractive index, and the comparative value of different stones.

English - 176 Pages - 23 x 23 cm - 0,9 Kg
ISBN: 9781851496303

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