Cartier, Exceptional Objects

Cartier, Exceptional Objects

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Cartier, Exceptional Objects
Olivier Bachet, Alain Cartier
Palais Royal, 2019

This limited edition brings together over 1 000 rare objects created by Cartier between 1875 and 1965, most of which are in private collections, here published for the first time and illustrated life size. Volume one traces Cartier's history from its origins to the 1960s, beginning with the period of Fabergé influence through to the iconic 1920s art deco style and the exotic inspired by Chinese art and the maharajas of India. This chronology is complemented by a second volume on the relationship between the Cartier brothers and their collaborators, with a focus on the manufacturing process. In particular, it features more than 80 marks of master goldsmiths, a list of suppliers and original design drawings from both the Cartier Collection in Geneva and the authors' personal collections.

French Edition : 100 copies
English Edition : 500 copies
English/French - 976 pages – 26 cm x 37 cm - 9 Kg

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