Diamonds Across Time: Facets of Mankind

Diamonds Across Time: Facets of Mankind

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Diamonds Across Time: Facets of Mankind
Usha R Balakrishnan
The World Diamond Museum Ltd., 2020

Diamonds Across Time presents a sweeping overview of diamonds across time and space, featuring ten essays by world-renowned scholars in love with the stone. The authors – Usha R Balakrishnan, René Brus, Derek J. Content, Hugo Miguel Crespo, François Farges, John King, Jack Ogden, Stefano Papi, Ruth Peltason and Diana Scarisbrick, present new discoveries; explore extraordinary jewellery collections; investigate the trade, explain the spectrum of colours; legendary gems and great designers. Above all, they tell the human stories that underpin the adoration of diamonds.

English - 432 Pages – 31.9 cm x 24.4 cm - 3 Kg
ISBN: 9781838048402

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