Memento Mori

Memento Mori

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Memento Mori
Katharina von Flotow
Till Schaap, 2021

In her book Memento Mori, Katharina von Flotow offers a meditation on fragility, the ephemeral, and beauty. For in these flowers that wilt, bend and retract, in this slow metamorphosis of color, in this decomposition, there is beauty.

Remember that you are mortal, a reminder to not forget the inexorability of the end, brings us back to Carpe diem! Because everything grows dark and all will disappear: seize the day. Release light from darkness, reveal the grace of obscure clarity. In this confrontation between Memento mori and Carpe Diem we find the most beautiful metaphor for our human condition. The artist invites us to a daydream, allowing us access to poetry and escape sadness and death.

Six texts complete the work; in the midst of this herbarium, they offer an original path that completes this visual emotion tinged with anxiety.

Français/English - 160 Pages - 24 cm x 33 cm – 1.2 Kg
ISBN: 9783038780663

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