Kuma. Complete Works 1988-Today

Kuma. Complete Works 1988-Today

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Kuma. Complete Works 1988-Today
Kengo Kuma
Taschen, 2021

Departing from the modernist skyscraper of the 20th century, Kuma traveled through his native Japan to develop a truly sustainable approach, translating local craftsmanship and resources into site-specific, timely buildings. Informed by tradition, and with both feet firmly planted in the present, this "materialist" heralds a new tactile architecture marked by its engaging surfaces, innovative structures, and fluid forms, reconnecting people with the physicality of a house. Kuma's objective, above all else, is "just to respect the culture and environment of the place where I am working."

In this XXL monograph with around 500 photos, sketches and plans, Kuma guides us through his entire career, shows his groundbreaking projects to date as well as current projects.

English - 460 Pages - 30 x 31 cm - 5 Kg
ISBN: 9783836575126