Geo Dorival Posters

Geo Dorival Posters

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Geo Dorival Posters
Jean-Charles Giroud
Patrick Cramer, 2009

Geo Dorival is one of the most important poster artists of French travel at the start of the twentieth century. From 1907, he produced numerous posters and advertising documents for railway companies. He works at the service of the largest seaside resorts on the Ocean and the Côte d'Azur, well-known spa towns and fashionable mountain destinations. A talented colorist, Geo Dorival gives his compositions a pleasant and attractive atmosphere. Particularly fond of twilight and nocturnal atmospheres which allow him to use original and unexpected ranges, he often gives his posters a mysterious appearance. This work gives, after a biographical and artistic introduction, the catalog raisonné. Richly illustrated, it offers the first panorama of the work of Geo Dorival, a key player in the French tourist poster for which it takes one of the first places. Jean-Charles Giroud, curator for many years of the collection of posters of the Library of Geneva, has already written many books and studies on the Swiss poster. He is now director of this institution.

198 Pages - English - 23 cm x 32 cm - 1.8 Kg

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