Cartier, Exceptional Objects - Chinese Edition

Cartier, Exceptional Objects - Chinese Edition

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Cartier, Exceptional Objects - Chinese Edition - 案上风华(卡地亚的非凡器物)
Olivier Bachet, Alain Cartier
Palais Royal, Shanghai people's Fine Arts Publishing House, 2019

This book is the Chinese Edition of the book Exceptional Objects Cartier, the reference limited edition book that brings together over 1 000 rare objects created by Cartier between 1875 and 1965, most of which are in private collections, published for the first time and illustrated life size. Unlike the English and French versions of Exceptional Objects, the Chinese version is one volume.


The hardcover shows small signs of damage, but the book itself is in perfect condition. 

Chinese - 500 pages – 26 cm x 37 cm - 2.8 Kg
ISBN 978758614736