Stones of the Grand Bazaar

Stones of the Grand Bazaar

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100 Great Antique Automobiles in full-color prints
Fatma Altinbas
Rizzoli, 2021

This lavishly illustrated book provides an intriguing glimpse inside the luminous world of Fatma Altinbas, an anthropology professor and the creative mind behind the heritage jewelry brand Meváris. 
This book is a celebration of the magnificent city of Istanbul and this designer's relationship with her creative culture. From the floral motifs in Ottoman kaftans to the enduring Byzantine architectural marvels, the beautiful imagery traces the historical and contemporary influences that have shaped the unique artistic vision guiding Meváris's exquisite jewelry creation. It offers unique aesthetic reinterpretations of Istanbul's heritage and its renowned Grand Bazaar through a celebration of past and present, and the colors and cultural wealth of the contemporary city.

English - 224 Pages - 25.4 cm x 2.5 cm x 35.5 cm - 2.3Kg
ISBN: 9788891830135

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