Decorative eggs

Decorative eggs

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Decorative eggs
Candace Ord Manroe
Magna Books, 1992

Covers the history of the egg from traditional and symbolic applications to its role in the decorative arts, including chocolate eggs, Ukrainian pysanky, and jeweled Fabergé eggs, and provides instructions for making decorative eggs at home. Decorative Eggs delves into and illustrates the colorful history of the egg in myriad cultures, while exploring the worldwide traditions that have evolved around it. Egg traditions that you'll discover include: the making of sassy eggs in the Netherlands; egg begging practiced by children in Wales and England; the decorating of egg trees in Germany; and egg rolling, egg crocking, egg hunting, egg shackling, and much more. Special attention is paid to the world-famous pysanky, the awe-inspiring eggs of Ukraine, which are on permanent display at the White House and are covered in detail on fourteen pages within Decorative Eggs. Not only is the natural egg discussed, but also the magical art of artificial eggs is delved into. Egg treasures crafted from various materials, such as glass, painted porcelain, carved wood, bone, chocolate and sugar, and wax are also examined and depicted.

English - 111 Pages - 24.8 cm x 30.5 cm - 0.7 Kg
ISBN: 9781854222640

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