Conquering The Skies in Swiss Poster Art

Conquering The Skies in Swiss Poster Art

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Conquering The Skies in Swiss Poster Art
Jean-Charles Giroud
Patrick Cramer, 2008

The story of the conquest of the air is punctuated by the creation of numerous posters which accompany with their magnificent images one of the great human epics. In the nineteenth century, balloon flights were veritable spectacles that attracted crowds and gave rise to remarkable placards, true relics of an era of daring pioneers. In Switzerland, from 1909, the meetings multiplied and met with a success difficult to imagine today. Flight is a dream, aviators are celebrated as heroes. The most important events are accompanied by often very spectacular posters. Today they form an exceptional heritage for their quality and rarity. This exceptional, richly illustrated book will be of interest to the general public, lovers of applied art and art historians alike. Jean-Charles Giroud, curator for many years of the collection of posters of the Library of Geneva, has already written many books and studies on the Swiss poster. He is now director of this institution.

160 Pages - English - 23.5 cm x 32.5 cm - 1.4 Kg

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