Regards de Femmes

Regards de Femmes

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Regards de Femmes
Beatrice Andrieux
RM Verlag, 2023

“Regards de Femmes” provides a unique opportunity to appreciate the work of women artists in Schooten Whettnal’s Astrid Ullens collection from a different perspective. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Foundation A, the catalog highlights the presence of artists in a shared history and calls attention to its construction through transversal practices, mediums and standpoints. The selection of artists is based on the commitment to the community, the desire to fight and denounce, and the way in which each of them, in their uniqueness, breaks, pushes and subverts the borders of the problems regarding social justice, femininity, and the environment. With the aim of making it a wide and diverse selection, the catalog includes works by Yolanda Andrade, Graciela Iturbide, Diane Arbus, Andrea Geyer, Jo Ractliffe, Martha Rosler, Tarrah Krajnak and Judith Ross. Pioneers in their work, each one reminds us that we live in a space that carries the traces of its history that must continue to be observed with attention and care.

English - 215 Pages - 24 x 30 cm - 1,2 Kg
ISBN: 9788419233349

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