Baranger Motion Displays

Baranger Motion Displays

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Baranger Motion Displays
Rolf Fehlbaum, Fifo Stricker 
Vitra Design Museum, 2022

This volume documents the Baranger Motion Displays of the R.F. Collection housed at the Vitra Design Museum. “Motion Displays,” as they were known, were conceived as eye-catching and novel moving objects, which were used in jewelers’ shop-window displays―primarily in the US―to attract customers. With large-scale illustrations of the Motion Displays and an atmospheric photo essay featuring black-and-white details of the objects, the book provides an unprecedented and in-depth view into this collection. In an accompanying essay, Bill Shaffer traces the success story of the displays and sheds light on the significance of the red cases in which they were delivered to the jewelers. In order for readers to be able to experience the wonders of these moving objects for themselves, each Motion Display has been given a QR code in the book which links to an entertaining video clip of the display in action.

English - 140 Pages - 32.5 cm x 34 cm - 1.8 Kg
ISBN: 9783945852484

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